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About Us

Three women, who were bound by an immeasurable determination collaborated to create an organization that would foster an environment of genuine love and  nurture the unbreakable bonds between women. Honing their individual strengths, they laid the foundation for a progressive sisterhood. On October 16, 2016 a legacy named Theta Pi Epsilon Sorority, Inc. was born.

Theta Pi Epsilon is a non-collegiate community service based organization founded on four pillar principals, Advancement, Education, Leadership, and Service. Through this platform, we continuously encourage and build everlasting bonds between women of all ethnicities, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations. Theta Pi Epsilon strives to maintain elevated moral standards while demonstrating the power of a dynamic sisterhood. We will stand tall, exemplifying grace and poise at all times.  

As a sorority, we are committed to providing education, leadership, and support to our local communities through various social service initiatives. Theta Pi Epsilon will work diligently to raise awareness to the discriminatory practices that hinder the advancement of the LGBTQ and minority communities.

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