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Community Service
& Philanthropy

 Our pillars are centered on the need to engage and enhance the communities where we reside. Theta Pi  Epsilon is committed to giving back and lending a helping hand to those who need it and proactively trying to eradicate need when and where we can.


We support our communities by  creating programs, engaging in hands on service, and supporting local and national charities by raising awareness and funding. Our commitment to serve is based on empathy, love, and compassion to humanity.

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Theta Pi Epsilon's vision of community engagement and excellence is deeply rooted in our culture. We proudly volunteer our time to the many causes that effect the local, national, and international communities.

The Theta Pi Epsilon Soul Project was created by the founders to enhance involvement, raise awareness, ignite change, and effectively serve as leaders in the community.

  • American Diabetes Association

  • Lupus Foundation Of America  

  • Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation

  • March of Dimes

  • Christine Hall & Cynthia Hopper Scholarship (CH2 Scholarship)

Are just some of the causes and foundations that we support.

If you would like to join us in service you can visit our News and Events page and register for an upcoming service event.

All donations are greatly appreciated and accepted using the link below. All donations are used in funding our National outreach programs. If you have a program that you would like Theta Pi Epsilon to become involved with please feel free to email us at

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