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Christine Hall & Cynthia Hopper
Scholarship Fund


The CH2 Memorial Scholarship was created in the honor of two amazing women. Ms. Christine Hall and Ms. Cynthia Hopper who not only were amazing women but they served as pillars in their communties. As mothers they were always encouraging their children to  pursue their dreams and to always pursue higher education at any cost.


By imparting these words of wisdom into their daughters and providing unwavering affection and encouragement at every turn. They  breathed life into not only their daughters but into many others. We will honor their life and continue their legacy by continuing to give young women the love, wisdom, and encouragment that was given to us.

The mission of this scholsrship is to ensure that this important message is passed on to our future generations. We will provide 2-3 young women entering their freshman year of college these Scholarships  of $300-400.


  • Scholarships will be awarded to the to recipients that meets the eligibilty criteria.

  • This is a ONE time award. Recipients are not eligible to receieve award more than ONE time.


  • Scholarship amount will be presented in the form Certified Funds ( award will not be sent via electronic payments.)

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