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Gamma Chapter Chat and Chew

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

On August 10, 2019 the Gamma Chapter of Theta Pi Epsilon hosted their first chat and chew event at the Cove Tavern in Newport News, VA. This event was the first in a series that focuses on bringing women from all walks of life to gather, engage and interact with one another. The evening started with a simple ice breaker where we all learned about each other. We were all amazed and intrigued at the differences and similarities that we all shared. Among the group there were Therapists,teachers,doctors, Firefighters and many other amazing professional women.

Each participant entered 3 questions which were drawn at random and discussed by the group. Questions ranged from simple, silly questions to deep and profound questions about love, life and relationships allowing this eclectic group of women to share their ideas, ideals, and experiences. This was definitely an amazing experience for everyone involved and Theta Pi Epsilon was more than honored to be able to facilitate this event and hold true to their commitment to create change and build strong bonds between women.

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